Information for ALL Reps

(Drug, Specialist/Provider, Sales, and Other)

We sincerely appreciate the opportunity to be advised of your medical product, services, and information. We have extended the following rules for all representatives:

  • MONDAY’S: Unfortunately, our office and staff will be unavailable to Reps on Monday’s.
  • DRUG REPS: You will be welcome on Tuesday and Thursday at either 10:30am or 1:30pm only. ***This does not apply if we have contacted you for samples or with prior approval from the provider or Practice Administrator.
  • SPECIALIST/PROVIDER, SALES, AND ALL OTHER REPS: We will happily welcome you on Wednesday’s and Friday’s from 1pm-3pm only
  • SAMPLES: Our staff will inform you if samples are needed. We will put the samples away ourselves and will be glad to have the providers sign for you. If you need to speak with the providers, please schedule a lunch.
  • LUNCHES: If you would like to speak with the physician, nurse practitioner, or staff, please schedule a lunch with the Front Desk. Our office utilizes a rotation lunch system; therefore, please plan on lunch from 11:30am-1pm. We schedule lunches Monday-Thursday only.
  • PRACTICE ADMINISTRATOR: The Practice Administrator will be available by appointment only. Please ask for her card and schedule an appointment directly
  • While you are in our office waiting, we would appreciate your cooperation in not approaching the Front Desk or Nurse’s Station. Please feel free to sit in the chairs provided in the waiting room. Please keep in mind that our staff is caring for patients.
  • Any materials (handouts, product collateral, brochures, or other branded materials) need to be reviewed and approved by the Practice Administrator. Any material left without approval will be discarded.

We genuinely appreciate everything that representatives do for our office. You have always enjoyed open-door privileges at our office and those that follow the rules will continue to have that opportunity. Representatives that are not mindful of our patients, staff or visitation policies will lose privileges from our office. Representatives that bring value, professionalism and adhere to our work-flow rules are always welcome.

Thanks for what you do for Delta Internal Medicine Center. We appreciate you!