According to the Patient-Centered Primary Care Collaborative, medications are prescribed for 80% of all treatments and comprehensive medication management is essential for effective integrated care. As your primary care provider, Delta IMC will work with you to establish a medication regimen and will monitor the medications you take for chronic diseases and acute medical problems. This is very important for patients who must take a large number of medications to address more than one condition. Medication management plays a key role when drugs must be taken at set intervals and in specific doses. Proper monitoring is the primary safeguard to avoid dangerous drug interactions.

Taking numerous medications is common among older adults as well as anyone with a chronic illness or multiple diseases. At Delta IMC, our Internist and staff understand how frustrating this can be for a patient. Our goal is to educate you about your medications and help you keep track of each drug by assisting with:

  • Review of Drug Interactions
  • Providing Medical Therapy
  • Organizing Medication Lists
  • Reconciling New Prescriptions
  • Monitoring Symptoms
  • Measuring Patient Response

The board-certified physician at Delta IMC can also create medication management plans for pre-operative, intra-operative and post-operative patients. This helps to ensure that you do not accidentally combine dangerous drugs or are having complications related to interactions with medications provided by the hospital. Medication management is extremely beneficial for older adults, as routine monitoring allows for adjustments in dosage as well as what is being prescribed.

To learn more about medication management at Delta IMC, contact our office at (407) 985-1940 to schedule an exam for yourself or an adult member of your family that’s under your care and guidance.