Flu shots are the only way to reduce the impact of influenza-related illnesses. The larger the population vaccinated, the less danger of flu-related hospitalizations for higher risks groups like the elderly, pregnant women and people suffering from chronic diseases. Since there are several formulations of flu shots, we recommend you have a Delta IMC physician or certified healthcare professional review your medical history to select the most appropriate flu vaccine. The benefits of getting flu shots include:

  • Can Prevent Cases of Dangerous Influenza
  • Reduce Risk of Flu-Related Hospitalization
  • Protects People with Chronic Conditions
  • Reduced Hospitalization 79% for Diabetics
  • Reduced Hospitalization 52% for Chronic Lung Disease
  • Lowers Rate of Cardiac Events for Heart Patients
  • Helps Protect Women during Pregnancy
  • Can Protect Your Baby after Birth
  • Make Illness Milder if You Get Sick
  • Helps Protect Your Family and Community

Since flu viruses are constantly changing, so are flu shots. All adults should be vaccinated annually to receive the right vaccine. For the 2016-2017 flu season, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends the use of injectable flu shots only and has advised that nasal spray influenza vaccines should not be used.

Pneumonia: A Leading Cause of Vaccine-Preventable Deaths

Pneumonia is a leading cause of vaccine-preventable illnesses and deaths in the United States each year. Since pneumonia shots also provide protection against pneumococcal illnesses like meningitis, certain bacterial blood infections and pneumonia-related lung infections, receiving an annual vaccination is recommended for all adults over 65 years as well as adults in high risks groups. Currently, there are two types of pneumococcal vaccines: PCV13 and PPSV23. One dose of PCV13 is recommended for all adults 65 years or older who have not previously received the vaccine. A dose of PPSV23 should be given at least one year later.

Based on your age and overall health, our physician can determine whether booster shots should be continued after the basic immunizations and which pneumonia shots provide the best protection. To schedule flu shots or pneumonia vaccinations, call (407) 985-1940 or use this website’s Request An Appointment feature.