Plan Ahead for Your New Year’s Spirits

If you do not have health restrictions, there is nothing wrong with drinking in moderation during the holidays. What does come into question is engaging in heavier drinking than necessary. That said celebrating the “New Year” should not be an excuse to disregard your health and wellness. In fact, it is easier to avoid excessive food and alcohol intake by sticking to your health goals or weight loss plan. Nonetheless, if you do feel that you or a family member has a drinking problem, addiction or dependency on alcohol, contact Delta IMC to schedule a consultation with our Board Certified physician. Help is always available.

Whether you plan on “drinking out” at your favorite pub or will be attending a New Year’s Eve party, it is imperative to have a designated driver to enjoy a safe holiday. As part of your overall “Holiday Plan”, you should also limit yourself ahead of time. Don’t wait until you get to the party or start watching a bowl game to set your limitations. Since you know what you are capable of drinking in a reasonable manner, set your limits beforehand and do not exceed what you planned to drink or eat. This will serve as a safeguard, so you don’t develop a lax attitude toward excessive indulgences.

If you are someone who tends to give in to pressure when others are partying hard, take a friend that shares similar health or fitness goals. This will help you resist pressure and you will feel more comfortable asking for a non-alcoholic drink, such as a slice of lime in sparkling water. If you do intend to drink, make sure you hydrate ahead of time as well as after the party is over. Water dilutes the alcohol and helps eliminate it from your body. Since everyone has a different tolerance for alcohol, there’s no set limit. But, a couple of drinks should do, so consider drinking a glass water between rounds.

When all else fails and you wake up with a headache, feeling nausea, sensitivity to light, achy muscles or diarrhea, then you probably have a hangover. Although people have been creating home cures for centuries, the science behind curing a hangover is pretty simple. Now is the time to refurbish your body’s fluids and nutrients like vitamins, minerals and amino acids. This will help break down toxins and lessen your body’s negative reaction to the over indulgence of alcohol. At all costs, avoid that plastic cup full of last night’s beer as well as greasy or heavy foods. Enjoy your Holidays; and don’t forget to call Delta IMC to schedule your annual physical for 2019.

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